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Jay Robb, aka The G.O.P.(Guru of Peace), is a singer/songwriter, peace advocate, bestselling author, club owner, former natural bodybuilder, clinical nutritionist, protein powder magnate, and longevity specialist.

From 1980 to 2018, Jay Robb changed millions of lives with Jay Robb Protein, nutrition products, fitness clubs, weekly TV segments, radio show, bestselling diet books, website, and sold-out seminars.  After living in the San Diego area for most of his life, in 2018, Jay Robb reset his life by moving his business and his family to North Palm Beach, Florida for a new chapter and a new adventure (he tells about his move in his song The G.O.P.).  He felt a new calling in south Florida, so he became the Guru of Peace and returned to his hippie roots of the 1960s and 1970s by letting his hair grow, dusting off his teal headband, growing his sideburns long, and writing, singing, and producing a new rock album aptly titled Hang Loose.  His mission is to bring peace to as many people as possible.

The G.O.P accomplishes his mission with his HANG LOOSE Peace Movement, rock album, book, videos, The Hippie Hut (peace and love gift store in Juno Beach FL), clothing line, website, blog, books, podcast, Best-Tasting Protein on the Planet, and newsletter, along with his 21-Day Life Reset program, which is an easy-to-follow plan that helps you put “Peace and Love” back in your life.

The G.O.P is the CEO of Jay Robb Enterprises, Inc, based in North Palm Beach Florida, where he and his beautiful wife Beth (aka Mrs.Hippie and the love of his life) run their companies.  The G.O.P is a husband, father of four, and—even though he is still a very young man—is the grandfather of two.

“Daily meditation helps expose the present moment that is hidden because you are looking at life through your rearview mirror.”

The Guru of Peace

The G.O.P chillin' with Mrs. Hippie at their Hippie Hut Store in Juno Beach, Florida.