Day 17 – Self Reset

Have you ever felt like you are climbing the ladder of life, only to discover that you don’t like being the person climbing the ladder? In other words, have you ever felt like you were stereotyped but inside you know you are so much more? That happened to me during my rise to fame and came to a head while I was writing this program.

As I wrote Life Reset, I realized that I have completely reset my life mentally, physically, and spiritually. I had to let go of everything to discover what I share with you in this unique and powerful 21-day program. I have oscillated on the program’s title, the main theme, the actual diet, my name, who I am, and what I should look like. You might say that I went back to school, only this time I attended the school of life.

My first hurdle was in deciding exactly what diet plan to teach. Low fat, high fat, vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotic, low carb, keto, high carb, or all points in between. I only wanted to teach the absolute truth, no matter what the cost. To accurately determine exactly what diet to teach, for the past 10 full years I put myself on every diet imaginable and evaluated the results. This may not be the most scientific way to evaluate diet plans, but I feel it is the only way to really know what foods are ideal for us humans. The proof is always in the pudding. When the rubber meets the road, you know you have traction or not. The downside was when the diet plan was not right for me, it made me sick. Sometimes I became very ill.

My next hurdle to conquer was to decide what image I would use to deliver this program to as many people as possible. I started growing my hair long in the mid-1960s when the Beatles ruled the world of rock and roll, and I really never cut my hair short until 1995 when my book The Fat Burning Diet became a bestseller. To get my diet message out there in the early days, I began conducting seminars. I chose to cut my long black hair and dress up for these performances—instead of donning my traditional hippie attire. I went from counterculture hippie to mainstream to reach the masses, and it worked. I have conducted over 500 seminars to date and appeared on TV and radio thousands of times, but the downside is that I never felt like myself in the process. I am a hippie—a nature boy—at heart and in real life and always have been. I can cut my hair, dress up, modify my behavior, but inside I am still that same boy who likes the feel of long hair on his shoulders, loves to stop and smell the roses, and just wants to love
everyone and everything.

For sure, I am a southern California boy. At God’s request, I have transplanted myself to the Palm Beach, Florida, area to deliver my new message. With the release of my 21-Day Life Reset Program and my fully revamped website, I have gone retro to embrace my original Southern California hippie look, lifestyle, and the love theme from the ’60s, ’70s, and early ’80s. This came about after extensive meditation and prayer by asking God for direction on how I should deliver the wisdom contained in this book.

When I petitioned God for how I should dress and look for my new adventure, he said two words: “Be yourself.” I asked this question again and again for nearly a year, and the answer was always the same: “Be yourself.” This inspired some serious soul searching and ended with me being me, a happy hippie, aka, “The Guru of Peace.” No more suits, ties, dress shoes, or anything uncomfortable. No more haircuts. No more trying to fit an image that is not me. Instead, I am just me: the dude with the long black hair, goatee, and teal headband. I am the same at home as I am at work and on the street. Now the only suit I wear every day is my swimsuit. It’s so refreshing, so freeing, so peaceful, so much fun! The Beach Boys had it right when they wrote, produced, and sang the song “Fun, Fun, Fun.” That is my motto in life and part of this program’s theme.

I love to get silly. I love to laugh at myself. And I love things simple. Very simple.
The person you see on my website, on this program, on my literature, in my bio, and in-person is the real me: simple, loving, happy, and free. This is also the message for today. Just be yourself. Anything else is a compromise and can undermine your attempts to detox and nourish your mind, body, and life.

Do you struggle in your own life and wish you could just “Be yourself.” Have you become entrenched in life as a mom, a dad, a doctor, a lawyer, a bricklayer, a clerk, or anything else labeled and confining? Do you crave to be free, to be yourself, to speak up, to be heard, to feel relaxed all the time, and to have fun, fun, fun? Then it is time to do like I did and “let go.” Be yourself, whoever that is. If that means dressing up every day, then do it! If that means dressing down, then do it! If it means changing jobs, changing careers, changing your look, or changing partners, then do it! Life is too short to be living with regret or fear of change. When you let go, there are infinite possibilities in your life.

Take a moment and imagine total freedom in your life, without any restrictions. You can dress as you wish, wear your hair as you wish, talk as you wish, work as you wish, play as you wish, and just be yourself. So who is that person? Who are you? What do you look like? What clothes do you wear? Write down who you are when you are just being yourself and make it a full description. Now, from here forward, gravitate toward that person you see in your “Be yourself vision.” Who knows? You may end up being a hippie-like me! Totally far out, man.