Day 9 – Goals Reset

I was talking to a good friend of mine last week and I asked him if he set any new goals this year. He said, “My goal for the New Year is to accomplish the goals I set the year before that, which I should have accomplished the year before that, because I committed to them the year before that, and planned them the year before that.” I have a feeling my friend is very similar to many other folks in America. We set a few goals, then fail to fully act on them, year after year after year.

Personally, I am not a fan of goals unless you have a clear vision. Without a vision, you can set goals all day long, but those goals may not be moving you towards your dreams. Those goals may just be getting you from point A to point B in a certain period of time. Like the old saying, “You can climb the ladder of success only to discover you leaned your ladder against the wrong wall.” That is why it is critical to see your vision before you set any goals or climb any success ladders.

When setting goals, some folks seem to develop a wishbone where their backbone should be. Many people set goals and forget to roll up their sleeves and go to work on them. Listening to my Life Reset audio recording every night when you go to bed can really help you follow through with any new goals you set. Why? Because your subconscious mind will be aligned with the goals you are setting and silently guide you toward achieving those goals and ultimately realize your vision.

I have never found success when I am just setting goals. I pointed this out on Day 2 when I shared the secrets to creating a vision for your life. First, you see the vision, then you set goals that are the steps that can get you there.

Napoleon Hill, once said, “A goal is a dream with a deadline.” Many people set solid time frames and deadlines for their goals. This can be effective unless you are like me and prefer to “hang loose” in life. I personally do not like the pressure of humpin’ and drivin’ to achieve a goal with a strict deadline attached to it. Instead, I like to have a general time frame it will be completed, which gives me plenty of wiggle room, thus making it far more fun to achieve that goal. On the hang loose plan, I have the option of completing that goal sooner or later and feel no pressure along the way. Sometimes you have to step back and take a wide-angle view of where you are going and how you plan to get there, taking into consideration other facets of your life that may periodically take precedence over various goals you have set.

“Without a vision, goals are useless.”
—Jay Robb, “The Guru of Peace”

Right now, I want you to stop for a few minutes and see your vision. Take enough time that you see it very clearly. Note all the details. Make sure you see yourself in that vision. Now that you have that vision clearly in mind, on a sheet of paper, write down at least five goals you need to accomplish to make that dream come true. Attach a tight or loose time frame to your five goals so the goal is not open ended. Make sure the goals are reasonable and that you truly believe you can achieve those goals in the time period you are committing to.

Now post those goals somewhere that you can easily see them. Every day, from here forward, I want you to review your goals and as you achieve each one, I want you to check it off the list until every goal is complete and the vision is realized.